About Epic Wines & Spirits

Founded in 1995,  Epic Wines & Spirits which is based out of California is guided by a simple prevailing goal: Recognize products that will be cutting-edge tomorrow while paying attention to the needs of our customers and their clients today.

The brands of Epic Wines & Spirits are unique, and important to both knowledgeable and emerging wine, beer and spirits consumers. Each product featured in the Epic portfolio has been specifically selected for its quality, innovation and respect for tradition.

The people of Epic Wines & Spirits are industry professionals who have extensive backgrounds in premium wine, beer and spirits sales and distribution. Their knowledge of and passion for our products, combined with a commitment to customer service, have enabled Epic to build lasting relationships with a sophisticated and demanding customer base.

The service Epic Wines & Spirits provides is second to none. Nonetheless, we strive to do better. Melding the best of heritage and innovation is more than a quality seen throughout our portfolio–it is at the core of our business. By embracing new technologies and processes, we constantly take what’s good today and add what will be better tomorrow to improve upon the service we provide our customers and suppliers alike.

The brands, the people, the service – Epic Wines & Spirits.

  •  Unique, cutting edge products
  •  Knowledgeable and passionate staff
  •  Exemplary customer service
  •  Innovative technology
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  • Wine Bottles Packed in Box
  • Person Holding Clipboard in Warehouse
  • Pallets of Bottles in Warehouse.